• To lose weight, get more in shape or want to gain weight?
  • Feeling better in your own skin and experience less stress?
  • Sleep well and feel energetic?
  • A personal workout schedule and access to healthy recipes?
  • A healthy relationship with food and exercise?
  • To reach the model-measurements in a healthy way?
  • A personal lifestyle coach who you can always reach out to?
  • A coach with experience and scientific knowledge?
  • To reach and maintain your results after the coaching?

Who is Nina Dapper?

My name is Nina Dapper, online personal lifestyle coach, health- and lifescientist and international high fashion model. I coach (young adult) women and (aspiring) models with my scientific knowledge and personal experience towards a healthy and happy lifestyle to reach your goals.

What does a lifestylecoach do?

I coach you towards your goals and to have a healthy and happy lifestyle. We will focus on nutrition, exercies, stress, sleep and relaxation. As a result, you will not only achieve your goals, but also maintain them in the long term. No crash diet or strict schedule, but a lifestyle that you stick with for life.