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6 tips to get more confident and work on your self-esteem, while you overcome your insecurities

Every woman and every girl has their insecurities, and wants to be more confident. Confidence looks good on everyone and insecurities are holding you back. You don’t want to go out as often, always feel insecure in groups and see the negative things about yourself. Your self-esteem is very low and you want to feel better. But how? I would love to share 6 tips on how to be more confident and overcome your insecurities. 

1. Don't compare yourself with others

Every person is unique and everyone has their own strength, so believe in yourself. A way to really believe in yourself and not compare yourself too much with others, is by spending less time on social media. Social media has such a big impact, and the only thing we do on social media is literally comparing yourself with others. It’s all based on pictures, fun experiences, and being beautiful, smart and successful. Thereby social media can make you feel like you are not good enough. Give yourself a maximum time per day that you can actually spend on social media. Have a look on how much time you spend right now and try to spend half the time. Spend this time on things like self-care, things you want to be good in, or things that make you actually feel good.

2. Face your fears

We all have fears, things that we are afraid of, and things that we think we’re not good in. If you’re not going to do certain things, because you’re afraid to do it, then you’ll never prove yourself wrong, and never can prove that you actually can do things like this. And thereby you will also never get better in things. Try to go out of your comfort zone, this is necessarily for growth.

3. Set attainable goals for yourself

If you set goals that are not reachable, that are out of your league, then of course you feel like you can’t do anything. You prove yourself all the time ‘I can not do it’. Set smaller goals that are actually reachable, so you can achieve the goals and that gives you some extra confidence.

4. Own your strengths

Your brain is set the way that it always remembers negative things. For example: if you post a picture and give super loving comments, then probably you will forget it within 5 minutes. But if there is one person who comment something negative, then probably you will still remember it years later. So it is important to remind yourself about your strength. Give yourself compliments! Write every night five things that you like about your day, about yourself, or compliments that others gave you. 

5. Don't put energy in things you can not change

Everyone is different, everyone has other quantities, and everyone looks different. You can be insecure about things that you can not change about yourself your entire life, so why would you put your energy in it? Try to except yourself and focus on your better qualities. So have a look at your insecurities: are they changeable, if so, do I want to change them? Then go for it! But if something is not changeable, why worry about it every day again?

6. live your life the way you would live it if the insecurities did not exist

magine your live without the insecurity. What would you do? Where would you go? What would you wear? Why would you spend your life not doing these things, just because of a stupid insecurity is holding you back? Start living your life the way you want to live life! 

We are all different, and that is why life is so much fun. Can you imagine a world with only the same people. Everyone as beautiful, as successful, as rich, as intelligent and as smart. It will be a total mess. Take the best out of yourself and your life, since you only have one. Do not let your insecurities hold you back! You need to get out of your comfort zone to grow.

I hope you got inspired by these tips, but I know they are very hard to change yourself. This is why I give online personal lifestyle coaching, wherein I will take your hand and walk you step by step towards your balance and also work on a strong mindset, confidence and your self-esteem. Have a look at my services!


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