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Facts and myths about losing weight part 2

Hopefully you are doing well in this special time and my healthy quarantine tips will help (see previous blog)! As promised, here is part 2 of facts and mythes about weight loss and healthy eating.

  1. Sweeteners are making as fat as sugar.
    This is a myth. What actually is a sweetener? A sweetener is a substance that tastes sweet, but contains no or less calories than sugar. It is said that sweeteners also make you fat, because ‘your body thinks you’re eating sugar’. However, this is a myth, your body can distinguish sugars from sweeteners! It is possible that your body will get used to the sweet taste when you eat many products with sweeteners. You can start craving sweet products with sugar faster and thus take more products with sugar and more calories. So tea and coffee without sugar or sweetener is still the best and most sensible choice. Do you want to experience that sweet taste and stay as low in calories as possible? Then choose a sweetener over sugar. Another advantage of a sweetener over sugar: it is not that harsh for your teeth. 
  2. Light products are always lower in calories.
    What a surprise! Another myth. A product is a light products if it contains at least 30% less energy (kcal), fat or sugar than the regular product. This does not always mean that it contains less calories. For example, a product often contains 30% less fat, but extra sugars are added for flavor retention, so you end up with even higher amount of calories. If you eat a light product because you want to get less calories, look carefully why it belongs to the light products.
  3. Dark bread is healthier than white bread.
    This is also a myth. The color of the bread says almost nothing about the nutrients in a bread. Sometimes bread is darkened with roasted malt, which can make bread made from white flour look dark. You can consider bread as ‘healthier’ if it contains more fibers. White flour contains less fiber, since only the core of the grain is used. Whole wheat flour contains the whole grain, so it contains more fibers. Do you want to go for the healthiest bread? Then choose wholemeal bread. Note: multigrain bread is not always whole grain bread. So look at bread if it is made of whole wheat flour, then you’re making the right choice!
  4. E numbers are harmful. (only for people living in Europe)
    Another myth. You probably experienced this: you’re looking at the ingredients of a product and see a huge list of ingredients that start with the E; E951, E621, E965 and so on. No idea what they mean of course. It does not look very reliable and you have probably heard that these ‘e-numbers’ are dangerous. But what exactly are these e-numbers? E numbers are substances that are added to improve food properties. Think for example of dyes, flavor enhancers and preservatives. E-numbers have been tested by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). A substance is given an e-number if it has been tested and found to be non-harmful. A side note: some substances are not given an e-number in Europe while in the United States they are approved as safe. I always think like this: eating as pure as possible is always the safest, but products with e-numbers are not harmful!

I hope you have learned something from this blog. If you want clarity on speculations that you hear about healthy eating or losing weight, send me a message and I will answer your question in a next blog. Do you have other things you would like to read in my blogs, please contact me!

Stay safe, healthy and inside!



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