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Nina's favorite breakfasts

I am a 100% a morning person. I get up early and am most productive in the morning. I like to take the time to have a nice breakfast with a coffee, green tea and a glass of water. But what does my breakfast usually look like? In this blog I would like to share my four favorite breakfasts with you. They are all sweet, because I am not a fan of savory in the morning. Here we go…

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 On top of my list is my favorite, self-designed avocado banana smoothie bowl. It is super easy to prepare, very creamy, filling and very tasty! I mix half a banana with half a soft avocado in the blender and add water, until it has a kind of custard-like texture. I pour this into a nice bowl and top it with yogurt, some fresh fruit, a spoonful of linseed and some muesli. Many friends have tried this recipe and I must say they are all fans!

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The well deserved second is my yogurt bowl. I fill a nice bowl with low-fat yogurt or low-fat fromage blanc and top this with everything I have at home. Think of nuts, muesli, linseed, fresh fruit, peanut butter, chocolatesprinkles, vanilla custard, jam and so on.


This breakfast is recommended if you have little time and no fresh fruit at home. Make sure you always have a bag of red fruit in the freezer. Put a bowl of red fruit in the microwave and add some yogurt and muesli. Stir vigorously and you will get this delicious sweet swirl.


My oatmeal breakfast comes in fourth place. I only eat this in winter, because it is warm. You heat some milk of your choice in a pan (almond milk or oat milk is very tasty) and add about 40 grams of oatmeal. You have larger flakes or ground flakes and you can experiment with which structure you like better. The longer you let it cook, the firmer the porridge and the more milk you add, the less solid the porridge becomes. Also with this breakfast you can experiment with what you have and what you like. Two personal favorites: add cinnamon and currants or go for cocao powder with banana.

I like to supplement these breakfasts with a cracker or corncrackers with peanut butter (addicted ….). I hope I have been able to inspire you and I am very curious about your variants of my favorite breakfasts. So be sure to share your photos with me!

Ik ga een Q&A schrijven in een van mijn blogs, dus aarzel niet om je vragen waar je antwoord op wilt aan mij te stellen. 

Ik wens je een fijne en gezonde week toe.

Love, Nina

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