5 Healthy Snacks

Do you regularly feel like having a snack, but do you want to try to keep it healthy? Doing well! Don’t grab the chips or the candy jar, but try these healthy snacks! I share 5 healthy snacks that are perfect for these summer temperatures. I hope I can inspire you!

1. Fruit

It is a bit obvious, but do not forget to take a piece of fruit every now and then if you fancy a healthy snack. Fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. A tasty fruit salad is the ideal healthy snack in the summer! Are you in a hurry? Opt for an apple. Do you have more time? Chop different sort of fruits into pieces and make a healthy fruit salad. For example, choose watermelon, mango, kiwi and banana. Delicious!

2. Crackers with healthy toppings

Do you fancy something savory? Do not open that bag of chips but choose some rice cakes, maiscakes or crackers with healthy toppings. Here are some tasty tips for healthy savory toppings: cottage cheese, chicken fillet, hummus, smoked salmon, avocado, cheese spread, light cream cheese or grilled vegetables.

3. Homemade healthy ice cream

Homemade ice cream is highly recommended for those hot summer days! It is super easy to make and a wonderfully refreshing and healthy snack. How do you make healthy ice cream yourself? Place a large bowl of frozen fruit in the blender. In fact, almost any kind of fruit is possible. Fancy forest fruit ice cream? Opt for frozen red fruit. You can also opt for bananas or for example mango. Add a small glass of water or milk. Choose milk if you want a creamier texture and choose water if you like the sorbet texture. Stir occasionally and wait until it has the structure of ice cream. Enjoy!

4. Vegetables with healthy dips

Do you fancy a bite? Make a plate for yourself with raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper and celery. Make a healthy dip, for example from hummus. I always mix the hummus with some yogurt, so that it is easier to dip and the hummus is less heavy. More healthy dip inspiration? Check out these healthy dips from bbc good food!

5. Healthy cake

Do you always want to have a healthy snack at home? Prepare a healthy cake once a week. Many healthy cake recipes can be found on my Instagram. See here the blondie, the brownie en the blueberry muffin cake. Store the cake in aluminium foil in the fridge and take a piece every now and then. 

Hopefully I have inspired you for healthy snacks in the summer days. Would you like more guidance with your diet? Then schedule an introductory meeting with me!

Love Nina

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