How to stay healthy in quarantine?

quarantine healthy

Unfortunately, all of us are in quarantine at home because of the corona virus. Everyone has now tackled the first major quarantine jobs: cleaning the house, ordening your wardrobe and giving the balcony a makeover. (If you are thinking right now: ‘Oh, I haven’t started doing any of these things’, then that seems like a good first step…) We are now entering the most daily ‘quarantine rhythm’ and that takes some getting used to. Many of you are afraid that when you can go out and enjoy life again, you will weigh a few kilos more. In addition, mentally it is not always as easy. That is why I hope to give you some tips with this blog to get through this quarantine time healthy and happy and we will soon be able to enjoy our freedom and social contacts even more!

  1. Start your day as if it is a normal day. Make sure you stick to your morning routine every day: set an alarm, take a shower and dress nicely. This will make you feel fitter and you will work more efficiently. In addition, it is always nice to show off well during one of your video conversations with friends or colleagues.
  2. Make a list of things you want to do that day and write them down every morning. Make realistic, but also challenging goals. Do not write down too much, but certainly not too little. Make sure you can finish the day satisfied, there is nothing more annoying than going to bed at night and feeling that you have done nothing (at least during quarantine). Try to add a workout, stretch or, for example, abdominal exercises to this list every day. You can find many great workouts online on YouTube or Instagram channels. Challenge yourself to do a longer and more intensive workout 3 times per week and do the other days a short workout / stretch or some exercises.
  3. Set times for yourself when you’re not allowed on your mobile. For example, put your mobile in a different room every day between noon and 2 pm. Spend this time on yourself, do some puzzles, listen to a podcast, read a good book or use the time to study or chat with your roommate.
  4. Try to walk every day on your own (if the government in your country allows it). Make sure you keep your distance from the people you meet and don’t go to busy places! Health comes first and stay indoors as much as possible!
  5. Do your groceries smart. If possible, go by walk so you can get some extra exercise in your day. Do not hoard, but get things that you really need in the coming days. Firstly, this prevents people who can only do their shopping in the evening, and secondly, it prevents you from getting too many treats at home. It has been scientifically proven that if you have more in stock, you will also eat more. Make sure you always have healthy snacks at home, such as carrots with hummus, rice cakes, nuts and fruit, so that you can reach for them if you need a snack out of boredom.
  6. Now that you have a little more time, you also have more time to prepare healthy and tasty meals. Where you normally have to rush to go to work, attend a lecture or have a meeting, you can now take all the time to make a salad for lunch or a smoothie for breakfast. Take a look at my Instagram (@ninadapperlifestylecoach) for inspiration.
  7. Distinguish the different days. So do not suddenly drink a glass of wine during the week, but keep it for the weekend. And on a Saturday or Sunday you can stay in bed a bit longer or hang out in your pajamas. This ensures that you are still looking forward to the weekend and experiencing a rhythm.
  8. Keep communicating well with your housemates so you don’t pile up irritations. Discuss how you feel and give each other some privacy. This prevents you from getting into a discussion and being annoyed too much by each other. Try to enjoy the time you can spend together now.

I hope I have helped you with these quarantine tips and wish you all the best in this special and difficult time.

Stay safe, healthy and inside!


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