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how to stay motivated

how to stay motivated?

6 tips on how to stay motivated to workout, lose weight or reach your health goals

Do you have a hard time staying motivated to workout, to lose weight, to eat healthy or to reach your health goals? You are not alone. We all know the feeling that you want to start with your health goals on Monday again. But then one thing does not go as planned and you postpone the health journey to next Monday. I would love to share six tips on how to stay motivated to workout, have a healthy lifestyle and work towards your health goals.

1. Find the balance and don’t aim for a 100% healthy

Don’t strive for perfection. Don’t give yourself goals like: I will eat 100% healthy, I will workout every day, I will go to bed every day by 9PM. Try to find a balance that you can maintain and that is not too difficult. it is okay to sometimes have a rest day, it is okay to sometimes eat unhealthy things. Otherwise you are going to be so done with all the restrictions and hard work, that there will be a day that you want to let go of everything and eat even more than you did before, or never want to workout again. Do not overdo your health-journey!

2. Make achievable and smaller goals

Don’t make your goals too big. It feels like you can never achieve it, and thereby you will have a hard time to keep your motivation. Make smaller goals of your big goals. So if you want to workout more often, don’t all of the sudden aim for a daily workout. Start with 3 days a week, and if you reach that, then you can make your goal bigger. Write your goals down so you know what you are doing it for!

3. Celebrate your achievements

It’s important to make yourself proud and stand still by your achievements. Celebrate them! You can reward yourself with a new workout set, a dinner with a friend or with anything else that you would love to have. Take a minute to realize that you did so well, make yourself proud. This will keep you motivated to keep going, to not even talk about the great feeling you will have after achieving your goals!

4. See it as a lifestyle change and forget about a crash diet

Think further than just nutrition and working out. Stress, sleep and relaxation are as important to reach your goals and stay motivated. It has so much impact on your decisions during the day. Your body will also be more relaxed and you can feel and see the difference! The less stressed and more rested you are, the easier it is to make good decisions and feel fit in your body. This is why I focus on all these aspects as a lifestyle coach.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family, people who will be your cheerleader and not hold you back from your goals. People who you can share your goals with and who want to help you along the way. Real friends will always be supportive if you choose for your health and wellness. The more you can share your journey, the easier it is to stay motivated.

6. do research or find a coach

It’s very important to know what you’re doing along your health journey. It will save you a lot of time to know that you are doing the right things to work towards your goals. Make sure you’ve got some knowledge about what you are doing and do not just follow an Influencer her ‘what I eat in a day’s’. Many people share tips and advice on social media and call themselves coaches. Do your research and ideally find yourself a real coach, with the same values as you, who will help you along the way. 

Do you finally want to achieve your goals and find that healthy balanced lifestyle and do you want some more help to stay motivated? I would love to help you and coach you along the way. This is why I give online personal lifestyle coaching, wherein I will take your hand and walk you step by step towards your balance and also work on a strong mindset, confidence and your self-esteem. Have a look at my services!

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