Lifestyle coaching

Would you also like to live a healthy life and feel good about yourself? Would you like to lose a few pounds, experience less stress, sleep better, feel fitter or have more daily exercise? And preferably without having to follow a diet or schedules? I can help you with that. As a lifestyle coach I can coach you to a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

The focus during the lifestyle coaching can be on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, stress and sleep. We will explore together where the focus will be for you. The process is personally tailored to your pattern, needs and possibilities. You will get the right motivation and knowledge for lasting behavioral change in daily life!


online lifestyle coach

My current offer consists of an online lifestyle-coaching package of three months. During the coaching we will set goals, adjust them where necessary and evaluate and monitor your progress. The coaching will be trough FaceTime, mail and WhatsApp.

You will find the package below:

1 online questionnaire

You will fill in an online questionnaire, which contains personal details.

2 video meeting

We will have a Skype or Facetime meeting (30 minutes) to get to know eachother. During this meeting, we will talk about your interest, daily routine, diet and exercise routine and set achievable and challenging goals.

3 diary

You will keep a food- and exercisediary of two weekdays and one weekend day.

4 personalised mail

Afterwards, you will receive a personalized e-mail based on your current pattern. It contains what you can adjust, your points of attention, nutrition tips, handy tricks, healthy recipes and inspiration and I offer extra help with your daily routine and exercise.

5 exercises

I will send you some fill-in exercises every two weeks by email and give feedback on them. This will really help to get and keep you motivated, handle relapse moments and find the happy and healthy lifestyle.

6 whatsapp

We talk to each other via Whatsapp once a week. You have the time to ask me questions that have arisen or to discuss issues and we will determine how you can best deal with them.

7 intermediate evaluation

Six weeks after the personalized mail we meet again via Skype or FaceTime. We look at how things have gone so far, whether you are on the right track to achieving your goals and what are the issues. The conversation will last 30 minutes. You get started with your new focus points and you can still use our WhatsApp moment every week

8 end evaluation

Three months after the start, we will have the end evaluation. We look back at the goals and see what progress you’ve made. We will decide if you need more coaching or if you are ready for a healthy and happy life!

Now for €299 all-in