Lifestyle Coaching

Do you want to lose weight, get more in shape or want to gain weight? Feeling better in your own skin and experience less stress? Sleep well and feel energetic? A personal workout schedule and access to healthy recipes? A healthy relationship with food and exercise To reach the model-measurements in a healthy way? A personal lifestyle coach who you can always reach out to? A coach with experience and scientific knowledge?To reach and maintain your results after the coaching? Then this coaching is perfect for you!

The focus is on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, stress and sleep. We will work together step by step on a healthy lifestyle. The process is personally tailored to your pattern, needs and possibilities. With the help of me you get the right motivation and knowledge for lasting behavioral change in daily life!

I am specialized in coaching (young adult) women and I also coach (aspiring) models, wherein we focus on getting and keeping the models sizes in a healthy way.

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My current offer is an online package for three months. The coaching will be in an online environment (also on an app on your mobile device). You will not start a crash diet, but we really focus on changing the lifestyle for long term. So you will stay healthy after the coaching and you know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself!

You will find the total package below:

Online Questionnaire

You will fill in an online questionnaire, which contains personal details.

Video Meeting

We got to know each other in a Video meeting (30 minutes). We discuss your daily routines on nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and relaxation. And have a chat to know each other! I try to map out your current situation and we discuss your goals.


At the beginning, you keep a diary for three days in the field of nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and relaxation to map out your current situation.

Feedback, recipes and workout-schedules

You receive feedback on your current routines. You see what you can change, what are important focus points for you, nutrition advices, workout schedules, handy tips, healthy recipes and inspiration. I also offer help with daily schedules and exercises. This feedback is tailored to you personally. You will also get a weekly workout schedule.

Exercises and motivation

During coaching you always come across things that you encounter. That is why I send you fill-in exercises, questionnaires and assignments. These exercises are especially for the difficulties you encounter. This will really help get and keep you motivated, prevent and deal with relapses, and find a happy and healthy lifestyle.

always ask questions

You will also find a chatbox in the online environment, wherin you can always ask questions or have a chat! Also I will tell you things that you need to focus on and I will keep you motivated.

Intermediate evaluations

After four and eight weeks we will have another 30 minute video call. We look at how things have gone so far, whether you are on the right track to achieving your goals and what are the issues. You get started with your new focus points.

End evaluation

Three months after the start, we will have the end evaluation via a 30 minutes video-call. We look back at the goals and see what progress you’ve made. We will decide if you need more coaching or if you are ready for a healthy and happy life!

Total costs for 3 months online lifestyle coaching: